In 1990 Fred Wesley released the Jazz albums 'New Friends' followed by 'Comme Ci Comme Ca' in 1991, both on the Antilles label. He continued to work with Pee Wee and Maceo in the following years.

They toured extensively and recorded the albums 'The JB Horns' and 'I Like It Like That'. In 1994 Fred, Maceo and Pee Wee teamed up with George Clinton again for a follow up record to the Horny Horns albums of the late 70s entitled 'The Final Blow'. Wesley was also a member of Maceo Parker's highly acclaimed 'Roots Revisted' ensemble. In 1997 he played trombone and did the horn arrangements for Bootsy Collins's album 'Fresh Outta 'P' University.' In 1998 he released the album 'Full Circle (Be Bop To Hip Hop)' and played on the JBs reunion album 'Bring the Funk On Down' the following year.

Recommended Listening:

Fred Wesley & The Horny Horns - The Final Blow 1994

Selected Discography:

New Friends 1990
Comme Ci Comme Ca 1991
Maceo Parker - Mo' Roots
Swing & Be Funky 1992
The JB Horns - I Like It Like That 1994
Full Circle (Be Bop To Hip Hop) 1998

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