Fixed in between Rap and Soul, Rhythm And Blues, Reggae and Rock And Roll, there's the cornerstone of all music my friend - salute the mighty Funk and let me hear a "Amen". More than the music, Funk's a lifestyle, an artform, medicine to keep a cold heart warm. The party is swingin you come with the Funk and you're bringing the rhythm to everyone else - because the spirit of the Funk is life itself. Funk can stimulate all of your senses - touch, taste, smell, see, hear and speak. Funk is a blessing, Funk is everything - No, I made a mistake, the only thing Funk can't be is fake. Like dope Funk can make you a friend, Coke, Methadone, LSD, Morphine or Codiene - so if you ever see me nodding like a junkie, it ain't because i'm high - it's because what Big "O" said was funky...

Funk (Umar Bin Hassan, Melle Mel, Bill Laswell, Bootsy Collins) from The Last Poets, Holy Terror

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The Last Poets
Holy Terror

Originally released on Bill Laswell's Black Arc Label in 1993, "Holy Terror" marked the return of the original Last Poets Umar Bin Hassan and Abiodun Oyewole with additional raps by Grandmaster Melle Mel and guest George Clinton. Music played by Bootsy Collins, Bernie Worrell, Bill Laswell and Aiyb Dieng.

"Holy Terror" has been re-released in August 2004 on Bill Laswell's Label INNERHYTHMIC.